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They began their corporate life as “Fast CPU” in 1997, providing slot machines, video poker, scratch cards, and arcade games to online casinos throughout the world. Operators came back to them again and again as their portfolio of releases climbed to over 250 unique titles. While the company’s games lived up to the promise of its name, Fast CPU failed to make a splash with the public.

In 2010, Fast CPU disappeared behind a brand overhaul and out stepped iSoftBet to become a product provider to gambling websites that wanted to offer top-notch games. The software developer still prided itself on speedy execution but no longer felt the need to brag about it with its name.

Industry Standing

Over the last few years iSoftBet has quietly grown to become one of the major software providers for operators, primarily due to their long list of branded slot games. They have released many titles that were licensed from major motion pictures, or established musical performers, which of course drew lots of attention from players.

Throughout the online gambling industry iSoftBet enjoy a solid reputation of having fair games that are based on true random number generators and there have been very few player complaints. They are fully licensed and regulated in every jurisdiction where they offer their products, and they are audited by government agencies regularly.

Game Design

iSoftBet has marched along with the recent trend of lifelike 3D animation for its new releases. Always a proponent of complimentary background music to the gaming experience, the company introduced Ambiance, a virtual slot machine that produces a different symphonic accompaniment for each payline.

In general, they are known for having a good looking product that always puts user experience before anything else.

Game Selection

They now have more than 400 titles on offer for its partners, spread across the entire spectrum of gambling products. Their efforts in the arena of branded entertainment slots reflect its being in the business since 1997. Big name brands like Beverly Hills 90210 and 24 head up its branded portfolio, and the cinematic ones stroll down nostalgia lane with movies like Rambo, Basic Instinct, and Platoon.

Having developed a turnkey Facebook casino called Crazy Slots, which is brimming with more than 300 titles, iSoftBet is at the forefront of “social gaming” and the new shared experience that people seem to crave. The addition of Facebook friends extends to the action at their virtual tables as well and their main online lottery, Turbo Lotto, encourages community play with chat rooms to bring the games of chance to life.

iSoftBet Blackjack

Almost all of the games of 21 from iSoftBet offer the player a unique blackjack experience, which is unlike most developers who often just tweak a rule or two in each variation. Since blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, they realize that the more versions they have, the more players they will have seeking their software out.

The flagship table game at iSoftBet is old-school 21, dealt from a single deck, naturals paying off at 3:2, and the dealer standing on 17. You can vary the playing speed and gamble up to 500 units per round. Insurance is of course offered for every dealer Ace since it’s one of the most profitable wagers that an operator can offer.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

This blackjack adheres to traditional Las Vegas rules, including doubling on any two cards, and allows players to bet on up to three hands at a time. Table stakes begin at the ridiculously low amount of 0.10 units so players of all budgets can get in on the action.

Blackjack 3D Multi-Hand

This variant seeks to recreate the real life casino experience with a nubile animated dealer and gamblers milling about in the background. A control panel enables voices, table action animation, and background sounds to all be adjusted according to your preferences. Vegas rules remain in effect and three hands at a time are available to be played at once. The wide-angle screen does make the card values a bit more challenging to read, however.

Blackjack Atlantic City

The Atlantic City rules allow for a player to surrender after receiving a terrible hand, saving themselves one-half of the stake. At iSoftBet this is a single-hand game and table stakes begin at 1.00 unit.

French Blackjack

The British company jettisons the entire European Union by referring its version of European blackjack simply as “French.” The dealer receives no hole card, which leaves all splits and doubles wagers in potential jeopardy to an after-play blackjack.

The game further imbalances the odds between House and player by offering doubling only on a hard 9, 10 or 11. Obviously this game will only appeal to the boldest of players.

Blackjack V.I.P.

Blackjack V.I.P. is iSoftBet’s exclusive table for high rollers. The minimum bet is 100 units and the table limit is 1,000. Super High Rollers can opt for the multi-hand version and play up to five hands at a time.

Not many online casinos allow plays of 5,000 units per round, so you’ll have to shop around if you’re looking for this kind of aggressive action. Las Vegas rules are in full effect on all of their V.I.P. tables with little variation.

Blackjack Reno

In iSoftBet’s world, they must be playing a less player-friendly game in Nevada, up Route 95 in the “Biggest Little Town in the World“. The dealer hits on the soft 17 (ace and six) and doubling is only allowed on a hard 10 or 11. In exchange the player receives nothing of value in Blackjack Reno so there does not seem to be much point in traveling the 448 virtual miles to stray from the basic blackjack game they offer. Avoid this particular variant at all costs if you value your bankroll.

Blackjack Super 7s Multi-Hand

This version comes with an optional side bet on the delivery of sevens to the player, and mostly plays by traditional Las Vegas rules. The first seven pays 3 to 1, and if three 7s of identical suits are received that “21” will payout at a huge 5000 to 1. Any pre-deal side bet must be 1.00 unit, but table stakes are 0.10 to 500 units and up to three hands at a time may be played.

Live Dealer Blackjack

iSoftBet does not offer live dealer games at this time, however, we assume that they will want to join the rest of the other large software companies in the world and produce a live dealer product as soon as possible. Especially considering that live dealer games are booming in the developing Asian markets.

Practice Blackjack at iSoftBet Casinos

You will need to find a specific iSoftBet casino if you want to test out their blackjack since each place has their own rules on free play games. Many websites will make you sign up for an account before giving you access to their free games so don’t be surprised if you encounter this requirement.

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