Blackjack Summer Marathon at Mr Green Casino

Blackjack Summer Marathon at Mr Green Casino

Now that climate change is ravaging the planet in new and unspeakable ways, most scientists agree that the temperature will be increasing each and every year, eventually making the summer months unbearable for most. Now it looks like 2019 is going to be setting the bar thanks to the new blackjack promotion that was announced this week for Canadian and European players. You’d better grab your sun screen and a few jugs of water because this one is definitely red hot.

Most will have already heard the name, however, some might benefit of our complete review of the blackjack products at the Mr Green Casino to learn all about what’s on offer there. Now “Greenie” is turning up the heat for June with his “Blackjack Summer Marathon” promo that will have players feeling faint as they examine the prizes that are going to be served up. That’s because everyone who plays there between Tuesdays and Thursdays this month will have a shot of winning a piece of the $1,500 prize pool that’s up for grabs.

The marathon is simple – anyone who scores a minimum of 15 blackjacks throughout the duration will receive a stack of cold, hard cash for their troubles. The prize money is split evenly among everyone who accomplishes this feat but if you’re the only one to be successful the entire $1,500 will go to you. All you have to do to qualify is make sure that you’re playing on a Club Royale table and your 21s will automatically start to be tallied up as you go.

The festivities started today so there’s plenty of time to take a run at the prize. Just make your way on over to sign up at the Mr Green Casino today and try to get on a hot streak – $1,500 buys a lot of beach towels.

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