50 Cent Blackjack

50-cent-facebook-blackjackEnsure to read this headline correctly as it references enjoying blackjack with rapper 50 Cent and not at .50¢ tables. The longtime hit-producer and friend of Eminem has always loved the game, long before he was In Da Club he was in da casino getting loose.

The new Facebook creation has Fiddy offering advice on how to play 21, and giving feedback and encouragement throughout the journey. Users can create characters and totally customize them, even able to squander winnings on buying avatars swag in 50 Cent’s virtual store.

Other cool features include group chat for everyone seated, as well as a Heat Meter displaying how well each is doing. It rises when people are continuously receiving blackjacks and increasing wins and based on our experiences, participants are quite friendly and enjoy dealer busts, just like at land based operations.

In keeping with countless modern social games, players can buy one another gifts from the online store such as non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Also, choose to spend real money on boosts to manipulate results as desired, cheats including seeing what the next card is and illegally splitting cards. Although it’s entertaining, most will probably end up missing traditional 21 after a while, but definitely check out 50 Cent Blackjack at least once.

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