$5,000 Live Blackjack Challenge for Canadians at Mr Green

$5,000 Live Blackjack Challenge for Canada at Mr Green Casino

Things may be frigid across Canada this month but now there’s a new casino promotion that is really heating things up for gamblers across the nation. January is always one of the coldest months of the winter causing residents to stay inside and hide from the cold, but luckily they now have a great way to keep busy and celebrate the new year.

The fun is coming courtesy of the website that’s fronted by the dapper silhouetted man with an umbrella and if you don’t immediately know who we’re talking about, you should read our Mr Green Casino review for Canadians to find out why this place has become a top destination for players around the world. He’s not just popular in the Great White North these days and he’s really starting to rack up the frequent flyer miles.

Anyway, the new offer is called the “$5,000 Live Blackjack Challenge” and it’s running from now until January 31, 2019. The rules are simple: if you get 4 blackjacks in a row from the same table and the same seat, you will trigger the BJ Jackpot and pocket 5k CAD in cash. Now that’s enough money for you and a loved one to escape somewhere warm for a few weeks!

There’s not really too much fine print and the terms are fairly obvious. First off, you’re not allowed to qualify through betting from behind and you actually have to receive the hands yourself while seated at the table. Secondly, you’re only allowed to play one seat at the table and you can’t bet multiple hands – it has to be an honest four blackjacks in a row to the same player.

Finally, this promo is only for Live Dealer Blackjack tables and not their various software versions, but you could probably already guess that based on its name. These are all a small trade off for the fact that there’s no minimum bet to qualify, allowing you to play for small stakes and stretch out your bankroll to give yourself a better chance of winning.

So if you live in Canada and would like to take a shot at this great prize, simply visit the Mr Green Casino now and open up a free account with them. From there just choose your deposit method, claim your bonus, and hit the live blackjack tables. Somebody’s going to win it, right?

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