Pittsburgh Blackjack Player Busted

counterfeit-five-dollar-billA customer at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh has been accused of trying to play real money blackjack with counterfeit $5 bills. Actually, it was only one fake $5 note out of the three he attempted to gamble with. It’s still unclear whether he was oblivious to it, or if he’s simply the world’s smallest hustler.

Suspect Richard Ferragonio Jr. claims he probably received the fake bill at a bar he was drinking at earlier in the South Side. However, a trooper found a large stash of loot under the backseat of his cruiser when Ferragonio exited the car, which contained at last 10 fivers stamped with identical serial numbers as the original phoney paper staked on a $15 hand of 21 earlier in the night.

Local police have charged the man from Marshall-Shadeland with distributing counterfeit U.S. currency and a total of 15 counts of forgery. Casino security officials are being praised for immediately detecting the bill and swiftly stopping the player from risking more.

At this time, it’s unknown why the suspect didn’t possess bogus cash higher than $5, as usually criminals produce currency in much higher denominations.

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