Where to Play Legal Online Blackjack in Sweden

Swedish Online Casinos Collage

It’s been known for a while now Sweden will have a fully regulated iGaming industry in 2019 requiring operators to apply for licenses to offer services there. Applicants waited in anticipation hoping to be selected for designation, the list finally announced last week, and happily three of our best blackjack casinos were successful.

Firstly, Swedes should visit 888, in business for over 20 years with a solid reputation in the player community. Distributing tons of massive bonuses and fun promotions the whole year round, they’re certainly an exciting destination, although sadly, merely a few different types of blackjack variants are observed. Nevertheless, for those seeking other games, countless entertaining products are featured.

True 21 enthusiasts discover a much wider selection at completely accredited Mr Green Casino who also received a licence last week. A diverse sampling of live dealers mix with 15 versions of blackjack, not to mention, since originally launched by Swedish entrepreneurs, most will feel quite at home.

The last recommended website to open doors to Sweden is fan favourite Videoslots, quickly morphing into an absolute paradise for serious professionals around the world. Yes their name implies specialization in slots, which they absolutely do, yet as a result of establishing countless partnerships with software providers, an insane 77 unique types of 21 are found. This might be the largest game selection ever assembled online, so anyone craving variety will be extremely satisfied.

It will be interesting to see how everything progresses next year with regulation, congratulations extended to both Sweden for common sense initiatives, as well as other distinguished operators granted certification.

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